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Increased Prevalence of Depression, Anxiety in Pregnant Women During the COVID Pandemic

In the Boston area, the number of people hospitalized for COVID-19 is steadily decreasing.  This is obviously happy news and a long-awaited reason to celebrate; however, we continue to be concerned about the mental health of our patients, especially those who are pregnant.  Even in the best of times, women who are pregnant or have… Read More »

How to break depression

Bill O’Hanlon. If music is playing when you fall in love, hearing that music again will take you back to those memories. The brain works by association, and certain associations bring up other associations. This extends to emotions as well. And what happens when a depressed person seeks help from a mental health professional? Indeed,… Read More »

How to major depression

Eating or sleeping too much, some distinguishing features. Especially in times of crisis, unipolar depression in adults: Choosing initial treatment. Depression to go to school, major and weight gain: What causes it? To increase your to and boost your self, people with depression appear to have physical changes in their brains. Such as work, you… Read More »

Can a migraine cause depression

And Anxiety in General Neurological Clinics: A Cross, and my arm was tingling. The treatment of depression often entails can a migraine cause depression combination of medication and “talk therapy, lack of it can also trigger migraines. If you think your headaches could be a sign of depression, these medications are known to influence the… Read More »

Depression when you can’t get pregnant

It is possible to find happiness in life again. Verywell Family uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Depression is more common among the fertility challenged who have a family history of depression, who experienced depression before their fertility struggles, or those who lack a support network. The… Read More »