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MoneyGate selects CapitalBanker™ from Capital Banking Solutions for its operation in Cyprus

December 29th, 2020 – Capital Banking Solutions announced today that EMI MoneyGate has signed for CapitalBanker™, the core banking platform from Capital Banking Solutions. CapitalBanker™ is a cloud-ready, innovative platform that helps banks easily build, automate, and scale core banking operations allowing them to achieve the things that matter most to their business: New product… Read More »

How one provider is transitioning from WebEx and Skype to a full telehealth platform

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced new challenges for all healthcare provider organizations. At Maple Knoll Communities in Cincinnati, staff faced the challenge of protecting their residents from the virus while also providing high-quality medical care. THE PROBLEM Limiting access to the skilled care and assisted living areas was one of the greatest challenges. How could staff… Read More »

How Long Are You Immune After Recovering From COVID-19? CDC Clarifies That Coronavirus Immunity is Still a Mystery

The novel coronavirus is a mysterious virus. Because it is new, there is very little information about the virus, which causes COVID-19 infection among the people. Millions have been infected so far, and the pandemic has halted regular life. Amid all this, scientists are continuously trying to find as many answers as possible about the… Read More »

How to cut out starches from diet

Trending Topics. Reduce your intake out starchy carbs gradually how week. Nutrition Diets Healthy Diet. Both groups experienced a major from in body weight, blood pressure, bad cholesterol and fasting glucose levels. Choose Dairy That is Low in Carbs. But if you drink milk by the glassful or in lattes or shakes, it may end… Read More »