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Risk of Preterm Birth and Respiratory Distress in Pregnancies with Prenatal Exposure to Antidepressants

From the OptumLabs Data Warehouse, researchers identified 226,932 singleton deliveries. Cases of antidepressant exposure were defined as pregnancies with prescription claims for antidepressants submitted between the last menstrual period and 35 weeks’ gestation.  To standardize dosing, prescriptions were converted to fluoxetine equivalents, and a longitudinal cluster analysis was performed.  The outcomes observed in this study… Read More »

Heart attack symptoms: The sign on your eyelids that could signal you are at risk

The research highlights that people with these marks should have their cardiovascular risk assessed, taking into account other risk factors, such as age, BMI, smoking, diabetes, family history of heart attack or stroke and raised blood pressure, says the health body “Together, this knowledge will allow doctors to assess a person’s risk of cardiovascular disease,… Read More »

Where is malaria a risk

Read more risk the complications of malaria. Read the chapter on malaria. It’s between sunset and sunrise that ahere really need to pay attention. Speak to your GP if you’re planning to risk an area where malaria a malaria risk. How to prevent malaria During a trip to where country showing high risks for malaria,… Read More »

Coronavirus: Old and obese ‘at more risk’ than cancer patients

Obesity is the biggest ‘chronic’ risk factor for coronavirus hospitalizations, largest US study of COVID-19 finds Two New York University studies earmarked age, obesity as biggest risk factors Researchers found almost half (46 per cent) of patients were aged 65 or over Those under 60 twice as likely to need hospital care or ventilator if… Read More »

VA apps pose privacy risk to veterans’ healthcare data

The increasing use of apps provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs is meant to improve access to patient health and benefits information in convenient digital platforms. However, members of Congress are worried that this electronic data is vulnerable. “When a veteran downloads an app from the VA’s app store, how much personal information does… Read More »