How Fat Burners For Women Accelerate Weight Loss

Research shows that biological and behavioral traits predispose women to be disadvantaged while losing weight compared to men. This is because men have more muscles which are essential factors in accelerating the rate of metabolism for weight loss. From a biological standpoint, women produce more ghrelin, the hunger hormone, after a gym session compared to… Read More »

Friday Faves

Hi friends! Happy Friday! How’s the week going? I hope you had a great one so far! I’m writing with some exciting news this week: we’re getting a puppy soon. It’s been 9 months since we lost Bella – I still think about her all the time and while the grief isn’t as crushing, I… Read More »

Jupiter Retrograde Shows Us How Much We’ve Grown

Are you ready for Jupiter Retrograde??? Don’t worry—it’s nothing like Mercury Retrograde. The planet of growth, luck, and expansion will be moving backwards from June 20 to October 18. When over-indulgent, intelligent, and gift-giving Jupiter—sometimes called the “Great Benefic”—goes retrograde, we are called to reflect on the areas of our lives where expansion has been… Read More »

My pet taught me how to be a better physician

In the last year, amidst COVID-19 news, animals have gained their place: cats harboring the virus, pet abandonment and, paradoxically, rising adoptions. Cats and dogs are now in the spotlight. I’m a physician, and my personal animal-related COVID-19 story changed the way I practice medicine. During lockdown in 2020, we decided to adopt a kitten.… Read More »

Essential Reads: A Clinical Guide for the Diagnosis and Treatment of PMDD

In an evidence-based review published in 2012, Laura Wakil, Samantha Meltzer-Brody, and Susan Girdler present a thorough review of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), reviewing its diagnosis and treatment options.  The information provided is clear and provides an excellent framework for understanding PMDD.  In addition, this article includes a section on the association between PMS/PMDD and… Read More »