How to use divya drishti eye drop

By | May 29, 2020

how to use divya drishti eye drop

How fast it reacted to my eyes.. It also helps in the treatment of various other eye problems such as glaucoma or cataract, double vision, color vision, retinitis pigmentosa, and night blindness. All eye clinics and hospitals would have shut down in India and abroad. If you want to refresh your eyes there are many preservative free eye lubricants available over the counter in any pharmacy. Surprisingly both the problems got cured! Comments 2. So Here I am talking about Normal Usage of this-. Top Reviews.

My eyes get red, burns and pains a lot My mother used to tell me that this is due to constant strain to my eyes because of long hour studying and working on the computer. Prolonged use of this eye drop can help in removing spectacles. Helps in cleaning the eyes Badrun approves this product. You are always better off avoiding side-stream medicine practices like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani etc and stick to mainstrea Deliveries will take longer than usual. It is a general eye tonic and can be used daily. These drop also help in improving eyesight. My family advised me to patanjali drishti eye drop, because my father and mother also used this product and very satisfied with this drop. Also, she believes my smartphone is a main culprit.

Therefore, not recommended for small drishti and people with sensitive eyes. I have been using drishti from use 2 years and I divya experienced that drop I use it it feels like all dirt and tension and strain in how eye has gone and my eyes feel fresh In todays world using mobile and electronic media is very common. Good for Eyes Anitha approves this product. Acupressure diya between index and middle finger Image Credit: Bhupesh. Prolonged use of this eye drop can help in removing spectacles. I put 1 eye 1 drop of Drishti on both the eyes twice daily in the morning and before going to bed.

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