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Chip simplifies COVID-19 testing, delivers results on a phone

COVID-19 can be diagnosed in 55 minutes or less with the help of programmed magnetic nanobeads and a diagnostic tool that plugs into an off-the-shelf cell phone, according to Rice University engineers. The Rice lab of mechanical engineer Peter Lillehoj has developed a stamp-sized microfluidic chip that measures the concentration of SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid (N) protein… Read More »

The inestimable value of a mentor

Quick, think of someone unrelated to you who has had a major impact on your life. I’d wager the vast majority of us pictured a face or two, and that nearly all (I hope) represented a positive influence. In my thirty-plus-year career in medicine, I’ve been blessed with several, and their impact on my life… Read More »

Our 3,222 systematic reviews of journalism & PR will be gone soon

Part of our website is going away April 1. But major features of the site will remain.  Here’s the breakdown and some background. When I started publishing 15 years ago, the only content was news story reviews. To be more specific, we only reviewed news stories that included claims about health care interventions (treatments,… Read More »