Tips for Finding a Weighted Vest for Women

By | July 27, 2020

Tips for Finding a Weighted Vest for Women
Tips for Finding a Weighted Vest for Women

Tips for Finding a Weighted Vest for Women : If you are quite serious about fitness training, then you must consider investing in a weighted vest. It will help you develop stamina, speed, and strength. Weighted vests are simply weight adjustable shirts. These generally vary in weight from 0.5 pounds to 30 pounds. You can attach or remove weighted plates conveniently.

Weighted vests are ideal for your bodyweight training regimen. They increase intensity and help in maximizing physical development. If you are keen on increasing your lean muscle mass, then a weighted vest can be of great help.

The principle, on which a weighted vest works, is pretty simple. By adding additional weight, you are providing overload and increasing effort, strength, and calories for your workout. These are helpful for people who play sports such as rugby and football where you need a combination of stamina and power.

Benefits of training in a weighted vest  

Weighted vests maximize physical development, increase training intensity, lead to lean muscle mass, and promote fat loss.

If you are keen on taking up an additional workout challenge, then weighted vests for women can help you in the process. You can lean down and tone your body with these vests.

  • assists in the development of stamina, endurance, strength, and power
  • ideal for sport-specific training
  • ideal for fat loss
  • has a positive effect on bone density

How to choose a weighted vest? 

There are certain factors that you need to consider if you are planning to purchase a weighted vest for training. These will help you make an informed decision.

  1. Check the fit

    Weighted vests generally fit over the shoulders. These are secured in place with clips, zips, or straps. It depends on the design. You need to go for a vest that allows you to make minor adjustments in the fit so that you can tighten it as per your body shape.

    These vests need to be secure but must not be extremely strict to impair breathing or restrict movement.

  2. Adjustable weight

    It is crucial to invest in a vest that permits you to adjust the weight so that it is easier for you to make micro-adjustments while doing high-intensity training. Most vests have removable weight blocks or plates, thereby permitting you to make quick adjustments during workouts.

  3. Durability

    Several weighted vests measure up to 30 kg in weight. Make sure to invest in a durable product that promises easy body movements during any strenuous activity. If you invest in a cheap product then you will end up paying much more than intended.

    Look for purchasing heavy-duty vests that come with dual fastening mechanisms. Invest in a product that is comfortable to wear and does not hinder motion in any way. Click here to learn how you can get a better workout with this gear.

    You need to remind yourself during the purchase that you are buying a vest for a performance that involves a wide range of exercises and movements.

  4. Look for quality material

    You need to pay special attention to the kind of fabric being used in designing a weighted vest. Training gears are expensive. Make sure you are paying for a quality training product that will offer you years of service. It would be frustrating if the product fails before you actually derive any value out of it.

    Pay special attention to the primary material of the weighted vest. The material needs to be durable, should be sweat resistant, and also easy to wash. It would be great if it has anti-bacterial properties.

  5. Do not compromise with fit and comfort

    Along with the durability and quality of the vest, you need to focus on the level of comfort and fit being offered. Some vests have the best material but they don’t promise comfort and fit. This is not desirable.

    Underestimating comfort will hinder your performance while wearing the gear. You need to be able to move your body during a workout comfortably while wearing the gear. Hence it is crucial not to undervalue this factor. Follow the link to learn more about the art of balancing with a weighted vest:

  6. Check how much weight you are getting

    While purchasing a weighted vest for training, you need to first evaluate how much weight would you require. You need to opt for a gear that is around 10-15 percent of your body weight while you are just starting out.

    Well-designed vests aimed for improving fitness levels have a heavier load in comparison to vests that have been designed for a runner. You need to determine your purpose and then choose a design accordingly.

    You must know how much the vest weighs with and without weights. You shouldn’t overestimate the amount of weight that you can manage. Start with low weights initially. You can include more weight at a later stage if you want to.

    The best-designed vests ensure that the weight has been distributed evenly so that you can move around comfortably along with the weights. The design needs to be ergonomic. The weights should flex and move as you do.

    You need to be careful while choosing a vest with an appropriate weight as per your fitness level. You need to strike the right balance between getting a healthy workout and minimizing injury.

  7. Accessorize and Adjust

    The key to deriving the most from your weighted vest is in mastering the weight adjustments. You need to check if the best allows you to decrease or increase the weights conveniently.

    If you use different weights according to the exercises, you will be able to derive more out of your training vest. Also, you must check how convenient it is to add or deduct weights from the vest. Would it take a few seconds or would it require a lot of time? You need to also decide if it comes with any bonus accessories or features.

    You can also look for conveniences such as if the vest comes with a phone pouch or not. Is there any place to save your keys or not. You need to make sure that the vest is more versatile.

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Weighted vests are extremely helpful for individuals who are trying to improve their fitness levels and stamina. These offer a wide range of benefits. However, you will be able to derive the best results from a gear if you make the right choice in picking one.

There are numerous options available in the market. You must be aware of the questions you need to ask yourself before picking the most appropriate gear as per your requirement. Along with high performance, the vest must also help you move around and complete your fitness activities with much ease.

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Tips for Finding a Weighted Vest for Women

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