Granny Glasses Chains Are the New Must-Have Accessory, and, Yes, I’m Serious

By | October 12, 2019

Take a look at any of the pictures from this past fashion month and you’ll see a very interesting trend emerge. Glasses chains—yes, the kind that your grandma’s always got on so she doesn’t lose her frames—are the new-new. Something equally surprising? They’re actually really pretty and fun!

Now’s the part where I show you a bunch of great pics of street-style stars rocking this stuff in all the possible ways to wear it to get you to agree with me! 🙂

Some people wore the delicate ones.

Street Style - New York Fashion Week September 2019 - Day 5

Georgie HunterGetty Images

Others chose thick, lucite versions, which, IMO, are super baller.

Street Style : Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Spring Summer 2020 : Day Five

Daniel ZuchnikGetty Images

Still more went with more whimsical chains, like these stars:

Street Style - Day 2 - Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020

Christian VierigGetty Images

How do you wear these, you ask?

You can wear them behind your neck, classic-style, or just dangling in front, like a hat strap.

Here’s a behind-the-neck shot.

Street Style - Berlin - July 02, 2019

Jeremy MoellerGetty Images

And here’s a dangler.

Street Style : Paris Fashion Week - Womenswear Spring Summer 2020 : Day Four

Hanna LassenGetty Images

The girl in the stars above, wrapped her chain around her neck a few times, which is also a fresh way to style this vibe.

You know, after looking at all these pics, that this trend is starting to wear you down. So many flirty colors! So many ways to wear it! So many opportunities for your parents to be like, “Wait, why is this happening on your face right now?” Luckily, you are not alone in your adoration for this old-timer accessory. Shop with me!

Stop! Granny Time

I promised my coworker Ashley that’d I’d leave you with this: “No granny chains, no granny gains.”

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