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By | August 22, 2018

Holy Heart hospital in Rohtak is the top Heart Hospital, was made by heart surgeon who can proudly claim to be the first unit for all types of cardiac surgery in one roof. Holy Heart hospital in Rohtak is the top Heart Hospital, was made by heart surgeon who can proudly claim to be the first unit for all types of cardiac surgery in one roof. Holy Heart has successfully done several cardiac surgeries till now. The hospital is known to be Best Heart Hospital in Rohtak Haryana that offer care of the worldwide standards by team of the qualified professionals, at the price that is affordable to all people. We’re loyal to maintain the medical excellence just by focusing on the heart care academics as well as use of latest technology. Among best Heart hospitals we have the top cardiologist in India that provides best quality of service while it comes about Heart care.
At Holy Heart we aim to take the cardiac care to next level as well as put India on map for the cutting edge and ultra modern surgery. Our goal is providing the top quality care in one roof to every sections of the society. Our first step to achieving the goal is Cardiac Surgery In Haryana, run by most experienced as well as capable team of the top cardiologist in India surgeons & anesthetists. The super speciality cardiac hospital is one of largest in the whole world as well as is well equipped with dedicated Cardiac OT as well as Digital Cath Labs which one is Hybrid, that can perform both the interventional cardiac treatments and complex heart surgeries on the patients. Holy heart hospital in Rohtak performs the heart surgeries on adults and children both.
Holy heart hospital in Rohtak has done some of the complex cardiac surgeries and other cardiac treatments like Pulmonary Endarterectomy for the chronic pulmonary embolism, Electrophysiology, Aneurysm repairs, Endovascular interventions for the aneurysms as well as radio frequency ablations, ROSS procedures and Valve repairs, Left Ventricular remodelling and Dor’s procedure, the device closure for VSD and ASD and Fallot Tetralogy. You will find research institute in hospital campus that is the notable unit for the research and has many scientists who are working in the collaboration to develop the vaccine that will prevent the heart attacks. At holy heart, we give then extensive variety of the services that will include the comprehensive primary and emergency care as well as other speciality services with help of our top cardiologist in India. We are well equipped with the modern technology, and our facilities provide the exceptional medical and health care service to all our patients.
24/7 of Emergency Services
Consultation: In-patient and Out-patient
Blood Bank
NABL accredited Laboratory
Ambulance Services
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Clinical Research
Yoga therapy and Counselling
Valve Banking and Homograft
Digital Cath Labs
Cardiac OTs
State of art CCU
Dialysis Services
Arrhythmia Centre
Electrophysiology Centre
Life Style Clinic
Heart Failure Clinic
Adult Congenital Clinic
Fetal Cardiac Echo
Valve Repair Clinic

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