Common Reasons for Cocaine Addiction

By | July 27, 2018

Reports show cocaine use has dropped over the last few years. Despite the decline, this particular drug remains a serious problem throughout the world. Like all types of substance abuse, cocaine addiction arises for a number of reasons. While some cases stem from simple social use and peer pressure, many of the causes of addiction run much deeper.

Negative Experiences

Abuse and other traumatic events are often instigators in drug use. Mind-altering effects of cocaine give people temporary relief from the memories of these painful experiences and their lasting impacts. Once users experience these effects, they typically want to feel them again. Over time, they need more of the drug in their system to generate the escape they’re looking for, and it all becomes a vicious cycle.

Self-Image Issues

Cocaine fits into this category in a couple different ways. For one, it’s well-known for its ability to boost self-confidence even if only for a short time. Those who lack self-esteem are drawn to the drug’s helpful effects in this arena. Secondly, cocaine brings about weight loss by suppressing the appetite and preventing the body from storing fat. People whose low self-esteem comes from weight issues often develop an addiction while using cocaine as a fast, effective solution.

Mental Illnesses

Anxiety, depression and any number of similar conditions bring about plenty of emotional pain and heartache. Cocaine ramps up the body’s natural levels of dopamine, a compound known to generate happiness and euphoria, so it becomes the drug of choice for victims of these conditions.


Those with a family history of addiction run a much greater risk of developing substance abuse issues than others do. Along those same lines, even individual brain structure can play a role in cocaine addiction. For some people, certain areas of the brain and levels of chemical production increase the likelihood of addiction. In essence, some brains are hardwired for substance abuse.

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Regardless of the reasons behind an addiction, it’s a dangerous path to walk and a difficult one come back from without help. If you or someone you love is battling a cocaine addiction, don’t hesitate to reach out for treatment and support. Read this blog for more information on treatment options.