Yoga Should be Made a Part of School Curriculum: Venkaiah Naidu

By | October 30, 2018

M. Venkaiah Naidu urged that yoga should be made part of school curriculum as many people are suffering from adverse health due to lifestyle diseases now a days.

Speaking after releasing a book, “Yoga and Mindfulness: The Basics” by yoga exponent Mansi Gulati (Konark Publishers), Naidu said that while life had become easier with modern gadgets, it had brought with it issues like sedentary lifestyle.

‘Vice President Venkaiah Naidu emphasized the need to include Yoga in school curriculums to create a healthy nation as yoga has acceptance across the world.’
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People have to adopt a “meaningful proportion in our activities,” Naidu said.

The Vice President said the air conditioner while conditioning the surrounding air was also “conditioning the mind.”

“We can’t see the sun or the light, we can’t enjoy the nature,” he said. People were going to doctors for Vitamin D deficiency or lack of exposure to sunlight. “Food includes sunlight also,” he said to applause.

The Vice President said earlier physical activities used to be part of daily routine.

“There is no activity now, and the effect is that diseases are propping up,” he said. He added that people were not in touch with nature and they were not exercising.

“Yoga has acceptance across the world, and it has nothing to do with religion,” he said. Anyone with any religion can practice yoga. It would help the mind and body work better.

“I personally feel that yoga should be made part of the school curriculum.”

Source: IANS

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