Why ceramic roof tiles come out on top

By | May 20, 2020

When you’re designing or constructing a house that’s guaranteed to have instant kerb appeal, the roof is a major contributing factor. Roof tiles continue to be a first-rate choice for people building their own home, for several key reasons.

They’re not only aesthetically pleasing, but also low maintenance, and widely available in a range of shapes, materials and finishes that will complement almost any architectural style.

According to Boral Roofing and Masonry’s Mark Dell, the roof is a central feature of a house’s exterior.

“It’s not only visible from the street; a roof also becomes a part of your backyard design scheme, working together with other exposed building materials,” he says.

“Equally, the chosen roof material affects a home’s resistance to different environmental elements and seasonal weather, including fire, frost, salt and wind.

“The density of tiles also helps to reduce external sounds, such as aircraft and road noise, and particularly rain and hail, which benefits the acoustics inside the home.”

IN DEMAND: The streamlined shingle designer ceramic tiles from Boral.

IN DEMAND: The streamlined shingle designer ceramic tiles from Boral.

Dell says the contemporary Hamptons look continues to be a popular choice in residential property design, the modern, coastal style promising to remain an ongoing trend.

He adds that recently there has been strong demand for ceramic tiles, including Boral’s version of the perennial favourite, the shingle, which have a flat profile that today’s contemporary rooflines demand.

Dell explains that Boral tiles are kiln-fired to 1100 degrees to lock in colour and produce a strong, satin glaze finish.

“Ceramic roof tiles are known to last longer and look better,” he says. “It’s also a much flatter looking tile but still has character.”

The flexibility in design, durability, palette choice and long-lasting colour of ceramic roof tiles also mean they are a popular option for renovators.

“Roof tiles age gracefully, in contrast to metal roofing which can be susceptible to rust or corrosion over time.” he says.

“The roof really does affect the whole look of your house, so we recommend builders and owners become familiar with the shingle when making their materials selection.”

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