Marvel & Bumblebee Star Hailee Steinfeld Brings the Bikini Heat!

By | March 9, 2021

With Summer on the horizon, people are lookin’ forward to a lot of things. Namely, shedding their layers of clothing, enjoying a cold beverage or a pint of ice cream…. but for Hollywood hottie Hailee Steinfeld, it’s stripping down to some of the sexiest bikinis and showing off that glorious bod!  

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Teaming up with the talented folks at Frankies Bikini’s, the Hawkeye and Bumblebee star had no problem flaunting that tight, super-hot body. Talk about SCORCHING HOT!

 Featured throughout the photoshoot are a bunch of gloriously vibrant and sexy bikinis all worn by the beautiful and bodacious Hailee Steinfeld, with each image being a good excuse to check out how toned she really is! Her ab game has never been more on point, but the real star of the show are those endlessly long legs of hers. Those toned calves and perfect curves have us all drooling.

Treated to a nice tropical balcony view in what looks like a pretty expensive and gorgeous backdrop, Steinfeld looks like an absolute dream as she shows off her top-notch modeling skills. Seriously, she’s mastered the seductive look for sure, that’s a given! 

Be sure to catch this beaut in the upcoming Hawkeye show, releasing sometime this year.

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