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Do not rebuild me! – Berlin Wall calls on entire mankind for tolerance and freedom

Non-profit organisation “Die kulturellen Erben e.V.” makes the Wall talk and mobilises people to participate Video including original graffiti art gets the message of the Wall across Online generator tool to create individual freedom messages on social media “Die kulturellen Erben” and its founder Ibo Omari call for more humanity and a peaceful togetherness Berlin… Read More »

Is Red Wine Really the Cause of That Headache? – The Wall Street Journal

Illustration: JOANNA GROCHOCKA 73 Comments By Lettie Teague Lettie Teague The Wall Street Journal Biography Lettie.Teague@wsj.com Updated Jan. 4, 2019 12:40 p.m. ET I KNOW PLENTY of people who suffer from headaches that they believe are triggered by drinking red wine—including, occasionally, me. Red Wine Headache is such a common complaint that it has both… Read More »