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Foot symptom could be early virus sign

As doctors work around the clock to find new ways to detect coronavirus early on, an investigation in Spain is showing promise. With symptoms of COVID-19 varying wildly, a team of Spanish experts are investigating whether virus sufferers could be identified early through lesions to their feet – with hopes it could help diagnose those… Read More »

Coronavirus symptoms: Does your stomach feel like this? It could be a symptom of Covid-19

Hirsh said many of the patients who were experiencing abdominal pain didn’t have any respiratory symptoms. He added that at the time, many of his younger patients were displaying the abdominal pain symptom as opposed to respiratory issues. Whereas the older patients displayed more of the respiratory symptoms as opposed to tummy issues. “Symptoms that… Read More »

Herbal Treatment for Diabetes Mellitus Treat Diabetic Problems Symptom

Try herbal treatment such as Diabec capsules to treat diabetic symptoms such as frequent urination, excessive thirst, sweating and many more. These herbal treatments for diabetes mellitus maintain healthy blood sugar level, treat tiredness, increase energy level, heal wounds and make person healthy. People who suffer from diabetes should make changes in their lifestyle and… Read More »