Why People Now Recognize that Weight Related Issues Start in the Mind

By | October 13, 2018

If you are still getting fat despite the hard efforts of exercising and dieting, then the problem might not be physical. To put it simply, weight gain is related to your psychological state. In other words, you might be putting on pounds because of how you think. Weight loss hypnotherapy is the popular treatment to deal with this. But first, here’s how weight gain and state of mind are associated:

How is it related?

Stress is the prime factor of weight gain, and this is the culprit of issues in your mind. Firstly, it causes your metabolism to slow down when your cells become less insulin-sensitive.  Secondly, it decreases your body’s capability of burning fat. Thirdly, it makes your body store fat more. Lastly, it makes you crave unnecessary food, such as sugary and fattening ones.

Stress or Emotional Eating

The main reason for gaining weight when stressed is stress or emotional eating. This is when you eat unhealthful food for the sake of fulfilling emotional needs or alleviating anxiety and distress. Moreover, you are likely to eat food high in calorie even when you do not feel hungry at all.


You gain weight if you lack proper sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep, your cortisol levels rise that will make you fat and even get the possibility to develop diabetes. Furthermore, insomnia also reduces your cells’ sensitivity to insulin. Not to mention that it is a chief cause of stress as well.

What is the solution?

Hypnotherapy, in general, can help you change any negative thoughts to positive ones, which means that your stress levels are significantly reduced. It is a form of guided relaxation that allows you to enter a deep subconscious level in your mind, which will allow it to accept positive suggestions more openly through verbal repetitions and mental images administered by the hypnotherapist. This means that it can improve your eating habits, and eliminate cravings and overeating.

A more drastic measure to prevent weight gain is the gastric band surgery, where a band will be equipped to your stomach by a surgeon that will constrict your stomach to prevent overeating. In other words, it will reduce your capacity of storing food and will make you feel full quickly.  Fortunately, if you want to get the same effects minus the surgery, there is a type of hypnosis called gastric band hypnotherapy . Simply put, you will think that you have a gastric band even though there isn’t one restricting your stomach.

Other than the physical aspects of losing weight, the mental factors shouldn’t be overlooked as well since they are the root causes of weight gain.

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