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By | December 16, 2019

Married At First Sight star Martha Kalifatidis is known by her thousands of fans for regularly posting snaps to Instagram of her enviable physique.

And now, the television personality, who has a reputation for fearlessly flaunting her Kardashian-like curves, has revealed she has no plans to stop – despite recently gaining six kilograms.

While she currently tips the scales at 60 kilos, she still wowed her 294,000 followers with a racy bikini snap of herself posing in a leopard print two-piece.

“A few years ago this would have actually killed me,” she told News.com.au adding: “I would have been miserable about gaining this much weight.

“Today, I just don’t care.”

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“I wouldn’t have been able to cope. I was a person who would literally count every single calorie before it passed my lips – even down to a single square of chocolate.”

Martha said while she is committed to healthy eating and regularly working out, during a break with her boyfriend Micheal Brunelli, “all bets were off”.

In August, Martha travelled to Greece to visit her family and spent a month “overindulging in a lot of day drinking and carb-loading”.’

Shortly after returning to Sydney, Martha took off again with Michael for another dream vacation, this time visiting Mexico and the USA.

‘It was basically a food tour of the States,” she said.

Martha said she largely blames drinking for “pushing her over the edge” and said while alcohol packs on the pounds, it didn’t help she was also eating unhealthy food when she’d indulged in a few too many.

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“It wasn’t until I got back that I realised I had put on all this weight. I didn’t fit into my clothes – the signs were all there,” she said.

“And then I weighed myself and I was like ‘Woah, I think I have gone to a point of no return’.”

As well as being confronted by the number on the scales, Martha who had previously weighed 54 kilos, said extra the six kg also impacted her fitness levels and was obvious on her petite 5’4” (164cm) frame).

While for the most part, Martha isn’t bothered about a few extra kilograms, she revealed she plans to tone up and return to a healthier lifestyle.

“I’m not doing anything drastic,” she said. “I have started to clean up my diet but I will still have a drink with friends or go out to dinner.

“If I overindulge one night, then I will be really ‘clean’ for three days.

“This means I will make sure I have plenty of fluid, lots of broth and drink lots of freshly juiced veges to flush it out.”


As well as taking a relaxed approach to diet, Martha also stands by the benefits of embracing her body – regardless of its size.

“I feel like at this age, I am so over it. I don’t really care anymore. This is it. This is my body. I can’t really change it.

“I am short and I am curvy. That’s it. I accept it. I like it. I don’t want it to be any other way.

While Martha isn’t afraid to flaunt her stunning physique online, she said her most recent post bikini snap shows she is much softer than she used to be.

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“I am a lot softer and a lot fuller than I used to be. On my honeymoon (on the show) I was really lean. Even my abs were popping out.”

As well as tweaking her diet, exercise will also form part of the plan. However, HIIT workouts will be swapped for running, pilates, or training sessions with Michael.

“Michael has been helping me a lot because he is so fit. He is like a machine.

“He never misses a day and he is a really good influence on me. He encourages me to get up and go to the gym with him.


Martha said her goal isn’t to lose weight, more she hopes by revamping her diet and approach to exercise she will “trim down” and feel more energised.

“I don’t care what the scales say. It’s more about how I feel. I want to feel healthy and fit,” she said.

While this isn’t a reality right now, the Instagram influencer hopes by taking a “slow and steady” approach, she will regain some degree of balance.

“My life is out of whack at the moment. That’s okay as well. I am slowly trying to balance everything.

“It (balance) is such a nice thing; it is such a luxury. It’s so easy to take it for granted by it is the ultimate luxury.”

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