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Tech sites hype Apple Watch for COVID-19 prediction without providing the evidence

Milwaukee oncologist Michael Thompson, MD, wrote to me yesterday morning (February 10)  about an article – “New Study Suggests Apple Watch Heart Rate Sensor Can Predict COVID-19 Up to a Week Before a Swab Test” – promoted on Twitter by MacRumors.com. The story was about the so-called Warrior Watch Study at Mount Sinai Medical Center in… Read More »

How to slim down without exercise

If you buy something through a link on this page, we may earn a small commission. How this works. Regimented diet plans can be challenging to stick to for prolonged periods. It can also be hard to find the time to exercise. Is it possible to lose weight without doing either? Email us at tips… Read More »

Vice President Mike Pence tours Mayo Clinic without mask

Vice-President Mike Pence (Photo by Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images) Vice President Mike Pence walked around the Mayo Clinic without a mask or PPE to protect himself from the coronavirus despite being told to do so on Tuesday. READ MORE: Thousands of Californians flock to beaches amid coronavirus Pence visited the clinic to observe the plasma research program… Read More »

What is acne without pus

What Is the Difference Between Blackheads and Pimples? The resulting rupture within your skin may form boil-like infections. Regular exercise cannot improve your acne, but it can boost your mood and what is acne without pus your self-esteem. As an acne cyst works its way to the surface, it damages healthy skin tissue, destroying the… Read More »