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How to winter depression

Ask your doctor for advice on the use of supplements. Bright light improves vitality and alleviates distress in healthy people”. Keep in mind that sledding, hot chocolate, sweatpants, snowball fights, and building a snowman or igloo wouldn’t how to winter depression as enjoyable in the heat of July. It might be hard to change your… Read More »

How I am keeping active this winter

It’s not easy to stay active in winter but I always try hard to do what’s right for my health. I get bored with doing the same workouts so I always like to try something new. This winter is no different. I always look for different ways of staying active although I do stick with… Read More »

Winter is here and keeping illness away is not as hard as you think

The frequency of respiratory tract infections has increased because of the cold weather. Diseases affecting the respiratory tract can spread rapidly in closed environments, and negatively affect the life quality of people with symptoms such as shortness of breath, phlegm and coughing. Dr. Necla Songür from the Department of Pulmonology at Memorial Antalya Hospital warned… Read More »