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‘Bachelorette’ Hannah B. Went Full Beast Mode on [SPOILER] and Fans Are HERE FOR IT

Tonight was, as Chris Harrison might say, one of the most dramatic episodes ever. To savor some of tonight’s great moments, I put together a list of the best memes. You’re welcome! Okay, team: Fantasy suites were a WILD ride, and we need to discuss. This fantasy suite episode was a little different than previous… Read More »

How Juul's plan to teach students about vaping went up in smoke

The company abandoned these efforts in May, not long after its initial outreach, in response to a backlash from health and education advocates. “Under no circumstance should anybody from the tobacco, nicotine, vaping industries be involved in or implementing tobacco prevention programs,” said Bonnie Halpern-Felsher, professor of pediatrics in Stanford University’s Division of Adolescent Medicine.… Read More »

5 Hilarious Vape Memes That Went Viral

5 Hilarious Vape Memes That Went Viral Oct 16, 2018 by Dale Harris Vape culture and meme culture: two heads of a generational hydra. They didn’t start exactly at the same time but they certainly grew stronger together. Vaping deserves its place in culture. All jokes aside, projections show the industry hitting $ 41 billion… Read More »