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New heart valve could transform open heart surgery for millions of patients globally

A new polymeric heart valve with a life span potentially longer than current artificial valves that would also prevent the need for the millions of patients with diseased heart valves to require life-long blood thinning tablets has been developed by scientists at the universities of Bristol and Cambridge. The team’s latest in-vitro results, published in… Read More »

When to stop smoking before surgery

During an operation it is particularly important that the heart rate, rhythm and blood pressure are kept at a safe level. Wang JH, van Haselen R, Wang M, et al. In normal circumstances these cilia move mucus up and out of the air passages. I wholeheartedly agree with the result. Turan hopes the statistics will… Read More »

Why take viagra after prostate surgery

I had a radical with nerve sparing in 2001. How old is the patient, what are his other medical issues, and what are his goals? Of paramount importance when one considers sex after treatment for prostate cancer is a through discussion with one’s physician or physician team about the different options for treatment of prostate… Read More »