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Facebook bans anti-quarantine protest event posts in mandatory lockdown states

Facebook is unfriending anti-quarantine protestors. The social media company has removed events set up by protestors in states such as Nebraska, California and New Jersey, where thousands of protestors — masked and unmasked alike — have gathered in the hopes of opening up the country in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. “Unless government prohibits… Read More »

'Bachelor' Contestant Posts Spoiler on Snapchat, Claims She 'Dumped' Colton Underwood

Getty ImagesImage Group LA Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor hasn’t even begun airing yet, and already the drama is spilling over onto social media. While Underwood is currently filming Season 23 and handing out red roses, a contestant who was recently eliminated posted on her Snapchat that she left the show. She quickly deleted… Read More »