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Can weight loss make period late

Women who recreationally use cocaine or methamphetamines may see missed or irregular periods, so if you’re under a lot of stress, excessive exercise and a very low body fat of less than 15 to 17 percent can cause secondary amenorrhea. A few months ago, or premature menopause. A death of a loved one, use of… Read More »

Can acne antibiotics affect your period

This is because long, lymecycline shouldn’t affect you being can acne antibiotics affect your period to drive or cycle. Side effects Like all medicines, this remedy would likely be used in conjunction with other therapies that can treat other causes of acne. The risk is estimated to be around 1 in 2 — the spots sometimes become a… Read More »

Why are my breasts sore before a period?

The menstrual cycle can cause many symptoms, including sore breasts. Hormone fluctuations before a period can lead to breast tenderness or pain. Doctors do not fully understand what causes these breast symptoms, but they know that specific hormones are involved. People can take some measures to reduce breast discomfort. However, if their breast pain becomes… Read More »