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Indian coronavirus variant in the UK seems to be more transmissible

By Adam Vaughan A covid-19 mobile testing unit in Tower Hamlets, London REUTERS//Peter Nicholls A form of the coronavirus variant first identified in India, which is now spreading in the UK, appears to be spread at last as easily as the more highly transmissible “Kent variant” that now dominates UK infections. The variant, called B.1.617.2… Read More »

‘Read more books’ says leading purpose and performance coach Mark Whittle – here’s why reading is so important for our wellbeing

Reading is one of our greatest skills says Purpose and Performance Coach, Mark Whittle. Join us every week for productivity hacks, lifestyle changes and tools to help you through the rest of lockdown  Reading is a privilege. To be able to read, is a privilege. The first written communication dates back to 3,500BC and those who could read, would hold… Read More »

Women, those under 40 more likely to have side effects to COVID vaccine, expert says

Women and people under 40 years old are more likely to experience side effects from COVID-19 vaccines, an expert told The Post on Friday. “Women and younger people have more local reactions — a sore arm, a day of not feeling so well, or aches and pains,” according to Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious diseases… Read More »