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What milk to drink with acid reflux

The anti-inflammatory properties present in this food item reduce the feeling of nausea in addition to aiding digestion and facilitating better bowel movement. According to Healthline, other types of milk what milk to drink with acid reflux be high in fat content, and some high-fat foods may actually make heartburn worse. Those who deal with… Read More »

Can i mix antibiotics with milk

Instead of one teaspoonful of nasty medicine, you could inadvertently create eight ounces of some pretty foul milk or juice that will be a lot more difficult to administer. Keep all drugs in a safe place. If I am allergic to penicillin, is it can i mix antibiotics with milk to use amoxicillin? Use some… Read More »

Almond, hemp, oat, soy, and cow’s milk: Which is best?

The number of people choosing nondairy, plant-based alternatives to cow’s milk appears to be growing. So, how do these different milks compare nutritionally? Research from 2018 says that eating and drinking milk that comes from cows has been falling, with interest in alternative milks rising. Some of the different types of plant-based milk products include:… Read More »

Allergy to Peanut, Milk and Shellfish the Most Common in American Kids

A nationally representative population study led by a team at Northwestern University confirms the high prevalence of peanut and milk allergy among children, and also documents the rise of shellfish allergy in kids, particularly to shrimp. The study, published in the journal Pediatrics, estimates that 7.6 percent of American children have food allergies. Data collected… Read More »