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Healthcare, Heal Thyself! How the Industry Can and Should Play the Trust Card

The emergence of the COVID-19 vaccine “infodemic” has slowed the ability for nations around the world to emerge out of the public health crisis. Growing cynicism among some health citizens facing the politicization of public health tactics like vaccines and facial masks is what we’re talking about. At the root is peoples’ lack of trust… Read More »

How to heal arthritis quickly

However, be sure to check with your doctor before taking them. Tell us what matters most to you. Holding the warm mug helps with the stiffness in my hands and arthritis ritual feels very calming. Use heating pads for no more than quickly minutes at a time. Arthritis how Do’s and don’ts Will physical activity… Read More »

How to heal acid reflux naturally

Summary: Acid reflux and IBS seem to go hand-in-hand, although they refer to different areas of the digestive tract. You may need stronger medication or you may not be dealing with pure acid reflux. Would it help to drink milk at bedtime? Eat a small amount of food frequently. Products rated “Possibly Effective” might be how… Read More »

Can stem cells help a diseased heart heal itself? Researcher achieves important milestone

A team of Rutgers scientists, including Leonard Lee and Shaohua Li, have taken an important step toward the goal of making diseased hearts heal themselves — a new model that would reduce the need for bypass surgery, heart transplants or artificial pumping devices. The study, recently published in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, involved… Read More »