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When Freedom of Speech Is No Longer Free

C.J. Hopkins, an award-winning American playwright, novelist and political satirist based in Berlin, speaks openly about the pathologized totalitarianism that is subtly taking over society. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he criticized lockdowns and COVID-19 shot mandates, as well as the censorship of dissenters. During the early phases of the pandemic, Hopkins’ work was heavily censored… Read More »

Sandoz’s Enbrel biosim case turned away at SCOTUS, giving Amgen’s blockbuster 8 more years of free rein

After back-to-back losses in court, Novartis’ generics outfit Sandoz had hoped the U.S. Supreme Court would take up its long shot biosimilars case against Enbrel maker Amgen. But now that effort has failed, giving Amgen a clear path to many more years of blockbuster sales for its top drug.  The U.S. Supreme Court denied taking up Sandoz’s petition… Read More »

Where Can I play Free Slots Games Online?

Where Can I play Free Slots Games Online? Where Can I play Free Slots Games Online? Most slot games require a play to deposit money into their account before they can enjoy them. However there are a few ways that players can enjoy free slot games online – read Jackpot Paradise review. Free Slot Games Playing… Read More »

Is the dairy free diet helping adhd?

Other staple foods lower in additives can be found in the middle aisles many times very low or very high on the shelves. Clin Pediatr. Regular standardized ratings eg, using the item Conners ADHD Index or Conners Global Index, 56 depending on target symptoms could be obtained weekly, preferably from a teacher, in addition to… Read More »