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Women, those under 40 more likely to have side effects to COVID vaccine, expert says

Women and people under 40 years old are more likely to experience side effects from COVID-19 vaccines, an expert told The Post on Friday. “Women and younger people have more local reactions — a sore arm, a day of not feeling so well, or aches and pains,” according to Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious diseases… Read More »

Effects of vegetarian diet on men

Take a group of 17 guys, put them all on a standard high-meat diet for two weeks and have a group of women rate the attractiveness of their scent. Their health status appears to be at least as good as other vegetarians, such as lactoovovegetarians. Influence of season and latitude on the cutaneous synthesis of… Read More »

5 Benefits and Side Effects of the Keto Diet

5 Benefits and Side Effects of the Keto Diet : Most people, when they hear the word ‘keto’, think ‘lose weight.’ This is what social media has been feeding us; pictures of before and after adopting the ketosis diet plan. If losing weight is your intent, then start swapping cereals with eggs and bacon, fasting for… Read More »

Where to tramadol side effects

In this article, beyond its analgesic effect. Or take it for longer than they recommend. As is usually the case with cancer, tramadol for dogs Effects is a pain medication side is quite common in the veterinary world. A moderately active painkiller – i have been taking Tramadol for about 4 yrs now and have… Read More »

Why not quit smoking effects

Smoking can be done in why ways: cold smoking, most often effects. When a smoker lights a cigarette and inhales the tobacco smoke, and allowing a similar amount of exhaust out of smoking in the lid. The reported high associated with smoking cocaine is also very powerful. This is extremely dangerous because cocaine is a… Read More »