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How long are malaria pills effective

Prevention includes medications taken during use but it’s also quite expensive for long trips. This makes hos simple to the trip and for a short period thereafter, wearing clothing. Mefloquine Lariam is no longer effective in parts of Southeast Asia. Interestingly, one of the most common problems with mefloquine “strange, vivid dreams” is also being… Read More »

How effective are crunches for belly fat

These includes lots of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and. Do Crunches Reduce Belly Fat good fats. Even after doing a crunches place in response to exercise no noticeable change. Cavan Images Getty Images. The muscle changes that take everyday, there seems to be also promote fat loss. Our goal is to show you the… Read More »

How are antidepressants effective

NCBI Bookshelf. Like psychological approaches, antidepressants are a key part of treating depression. They aim to relieve symptoms and prevent depression from coming back. Opinions vary on how effective antidepressants are in relieving the symptoms of depression. Some people doubt they help, while others consider them to be essential. effective Migraines and Vertigo Migraines: Are… Read More »

How to Create a Safe and Effective Strength Training Program for Pregnant Clients

Have you ever been in one of these situations? Situation #1: A client you’ve been training gets pregnant. She asks you what this means for her strength training program. What do you say? Situation #2: A new client wants to start strength training with you… but she’s pregnant. What do you do? If you’ve ever found yourself… Read More »

Discovery by Canadian researchers of how bacteria become resistant to antibiotics could lead to more effective drugs

Ontario researchers say they have discovered how bacteria become resistant to antibiotics, a finding they say could help combat the growing problem. Maikel Rheinstadter, a physics professor with McMaster University in Hamilton, and Andree Khondker, an undergraduate biochemistry student, said they found bacteria fight off antibiotics by stiffening their cell membranes and changing the barrier’s… Read More »