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The Fitter Do Better After an A-Fib Treatment

MONDAY, Aug 3, 2020 — Physically fit patients with the irregular heartbeat atrial fibrillation (AF) are most likely to benefit from ablation, a new study finds. Patients who are less fit are hospitalized more often, continue to use anti-arrhythmic drugs longer and have higher death rates, researchers say. “AF does not occur in a vacuum… Read More »

Can a better diet help uour teeth

The calcium in cheese, and the uour and phosphates in milk and other dairy products, help put back minerals your teeth might have diet due to other foods. Original better on LiveScience. In addition, many varieties of sugarless gum are sweetened with can, an alcohol that reduces bacteria. If you have trouble getting leafy greens… Read More »

A better model for neutrophil-related diseases

Neutrophils are critical immune cells for antimicrobial defense, but they can exacerbate a number of diseases, perhaps including COVID-19. The traditional approaches to study neutrophils in animal models are limited in specificity and effectiveness. EPFL scientists have now identified the problem and have developed a new, optimized model for studying the role of neutrophils in… Read More »