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Weightlifting for an Hour a Week Cuts Risk for Stroke and Heart Attack Up to 70%

Editor’s Note: This article is a reprint. It was originally published November 30, 2018. Strength training is foundational for good health, especially as you get older. Importantly, weights is not just about keeping your musculature strong; it has a number of other health benefits that at first glance may seem unrelated, including improved metabolism, cognition… Read More »

Scripps Health hit with class action suits after ransomware attack

Multiple class-action lawsuits have been filed in state and federal court against Scripps Health following the ransomware attack that took down its network this May. As reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune, all four of the cases make the same basic claim: that Scripps failed in its duty to protect patient information, subjecting patients to… Read More »

Heart attack symptoms: The sign on your eyelids that could signal you are at risk

The research highlights that people with these marks should have their cardiovascular risk assessed, taking into account other risk factors, such as age, BMI, smoking, diabetes, family history of heart attack or stroke and raised blood pressure, says the health body “Together, this knowledge will allow doctors to assess a person’s risk of cardiovascular disease,… Read More »

How to care for asthma attack

You should talk to your doctor if your peak flow is declining. Follow the treatment plan you worked out with your doctor ahead of time. There is no single test to accurately diagnose asthma. Taking painkillers may help reduce inflammation of the airways. This is an imaging how to care for asthma attack used to… Read More »

Can u have anxiety attack while sleeping

We’re also breathing rapidly and not taking real deep and consistent breaths. It sleeping possible to learn how to rationally identify and accept attack anxiety attack, and emotional symptoms. Types of Phobias What are your fears? You may really be having a wave of panic attacks, have trauma in community health settings and private practice.… Read More »