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Heart failure as it is known in the most basic terms is simply the weakening of the heart. Heart failure as it is known in the most basic terms is simply the weakening of the heart. However, the condition is not reversible, and over time the heart deteriorates, and so does its ability to meet the body’s needs. Under such circumstances, a patient needs a heart transplant. However, finding a suitable donor is a very difficult task. In that case, a LVAD device can keep the patient alive for few more years. Sometimes, the LVAD does the function of the heart until a new heart becomes available. I got to know all this when my uncle visited the best heart surgeon in Delhi.

My uncle was in the final phase of end-stage congestive heart failure. His weakening heart was also causing his kidneys and liver to fail. His cognitive function was also declining and he couldn’t walk more than a few steps without hyperventilating. He was even feeling unable get up to use the restroom, let alone spending time with friends and family. We were very depressed to see him like this and to take him out of this we consulted the best heart transplant surgeon in Delhi to steer him out of this.

It was none other than Dr. Kewal Krishan, the best heart transplant surgeon, who immediately examined my uncle and told us that once a patient is on the threshold of end-stage heart failure, the heart is virtually unable to do its primary functions without surgical intervention.

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But in case of my uncle he reached the end-stage of heart failure and according to the best heart surgeon, the medications and lifestyle changes were no longer effective, and more invasive procedures had to be considered to prevent the heart as well as the rest of the body from completely shutting down. He told us that this point in heart failure, my uncle needed either a heart transplant, or the LVAD.

In case of my uncle, Dr. Kewal told us that the LVAD will be traditionally used as a ‘Bridge to Transplant’, meaning he will implant the LVAD to support the heart, and then my uncle can get a transplant at a later point, whether it’s a year, two years or longer. We trusted Dr. Kewal Krishan on this as he has done the most heart transplants and LVAD surgeries in our country, no doubt he is the best.

Finally my uncle got the surgically implanted pump called a Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) by the best heart transplant surgeon and thanks to him and his whole team that he is alive and well, and enjoying all the activities he never thought he’d be able to do again.

Although we were sure of success with Dr. Kewal Krishan and his fabulous team, and I would say that he is definitely the best person and the best doctor to approach in case of heart troubles and problems. He is definitely god gifted and he steers patients out of difficulties.

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