Signs And Symptoms of Hearing Loss

By | September 13, 2018

Hearing disorders adversely affect millions of people and their lives across the globe. The good news is that many of those can be treated and quality of their lives can be improved. Audiologist and hearing loss experts say that even if hearing loss cannot be treated completely, the effects can be mitigated to a large extent through counselling and use of hearing aids; however the challenge is that most of the people suffering with hearing loss do not admit that they need any sort of help. How to determine whether you need help help for hearing loss or not. How to determine whether you or someone you know is suffering from hearing loss.

Here are some indicators that determine that you have a hearing loss-

• Asking people to repeat themselves more often.

• Turning your ear toward a sound for better hearing.

• Trying to comprehend what people are saying by reading their lips. Telephonic conversations are hard to understand.

• Losing the flow in group conversations or when two or more people are talking at the same time.

• Keep If you are often told that the sound of your television is often too loud when you feel otherwise.

• If you feel some sort of pain or hear buzz or hissing sound in your ears.

If you have had the experiences above, you should consult an audiologist. An audiologist will perform a thorough hearing test to determine the extent of loss and suggest hearing aids according to your needs. The first thing you should do is to prevent it from deteriorating further. Your audiologist can help you with preventing further loss. Experts say that most of the people who are reluctant to seek medical help from hearing loss, cannot accept that they are suffering from hearing loss as they see it as a sign of weakness. First step is to accept that you are suffering from hearing loss. Escaping wont help. It will only deteriorate the quality of your life. It is not true that only elderly suffer from hearing loss. Hearing loss can come about at any age. Some children are born with hearing loss as well.

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If you have a friend, family member or colleague who is suffering from hearing loss, you can help him by encouraging, treating them nicely and suggest them to see an audiologist as soon as possible.

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