Rachael Fitzpatrick, a Naked Hiker From Australia Encourages People About Body Positivity, View Pictures From Her Nude Travel Diaries

By | January 31, 2019
Rachael Fitzpatrick, a Naked Hiker From Australia Encourages People About Body Positivity, View Pictures From Her Nude Travel Diaries

Rachael Fritzpatrick naked hiker from Australia (Photo Credits: Instagram/rachybaby5683)

People have unique ways of dealing with their breakup. Each one takes their own time to move and finds something else to keep them busy. A 28-year-old woman named Rachael Fitzpatrick from Australia clearly found a different resolution to her emotional crisis. After her breakup from a 6-year long relationship, she decided to say ‘yes’ to every challenge that came her way. One of the things she agreed to was hiking naked. She has far long moved on and is now an obstacle racer and fitness addict. Her pictures from naked travels have really impressed others and now she is working on encouraging people to embrace their own body and being comfortable in their own skin. Famous ‘Bikini Hiker’ Gigi Wu Freezes to Death on Her Solo Hike in Taiwan.

Rachael wanted to try out new things and opportunities that came her way. With a positive outlook, she started doing new things. She used to trek often but, of course, with clothes on. But her newfound love for trekking in the buff has impressed everyone. She documents her nude travels on her social media. An absolute lover of nature, she feels hiking naked only gets her closer to nature and gives an utter sense of liberation. “Going out into the big wide world and baring yourself totally can be a little daunting at first, but once you’ve gotten over that initial fear it is so rewarding. It really helped me to become more comfortable in my own skin and about who I am – and I know that I’m a much stronger person for it,” she was quoted to Press Association.

Check Pictures of Rachael Fitzpatrick’s Naked Hiking Adventures

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Happy in The Wilderness

From Mountains to The Beach

Rachael goes out in the wild with little or no clothes and wants to encourage others as well. She has been appointed as an ambassador of body positivity campaign with Get Naked Australia. She believes that her ability to accept herself and going naked without any inhibitions has helped her gain the confidence. Nudist Couple Posts Racy Naked but Not XXX Photos to Promote Naturism! See Photos That Explain More About the Unique Lifestyle.

There are certain dangers to hiking naked she agrees but she always takes the necessary precautions. She applies a body lotion on her entire body and is always careful about the insects and reptiles she will encounter on her way. But she has learnt a great deal about it all and says that hasn’t been much of a problem. Rachael now wants to promote the idea of naked hiking and urges others who she meets on her way to try it. Today, fitness has become her passion and she has definitely come a long way since her breakup.

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