Minimally Invasive Face Rejuvenation Techniques By Monica Quinn

By | September 17, 2018

Face rejuvenation is a series of treatments that are aimed at restoring the youthful looking appearance on a human face. There are 2-broad categories of methods used to achieve these results. The first one involves the use of surgical means which are also commonly referred to as the invasive methods, and the second one is that which does not involve the use of surgical means and it is commonly referred to as the non-invasive treatment.

Almost all facelift rejuvenation techniques are invasive. Minimally invasive means that though the method does not involve complicated surgical means of cutting the skin, there is the use of needles to inflict small wounds in the skin; it might be mildly cut so that the process of collagen production can be triggered or reactivated. However not all minimally invasive rejuvenation techniques are focused on reactivation of the collagen production process; some introduce the collagen to the skin through injections.

Examples of Minimally Invasive Face Rejuvenation Techniques:

Chemical peels
These are procedures that are aimed to peel off the upper part of the skin; the depth depends on the type of peel used. There are three major types of peels namely: light, medium, and deep peels. The deeper the chemical peel used, the more likely it is to give better results.

Light or superficial peels are done at regular intervals to maintain their impact since they only affect the top-most part of the outer skin. It is mostly used to reduce skin roughness. Medium peels affect the epidermis and the upper dermis. They are best used to treat fine lines and small wrinkles. Their most active chemical agent used is the trichloroacetic acid. Deep peels affect both the epidermis and the dermis part of the skin. Though they are highly effective, they are categorized as invasive treatments.

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It is a facial rejuvenation technique that involves the use of an injectable medication made from a botulinum toxin that is produced by bacteria. It inhibits the normal functioning of the muscles by paralyzing the cells or completely blocking their activities.

Botox is best for the treatment of motion wrinkles. It does not help on acne scars or sun-related skin damage. The deeper the injection, the more efficient the results from using Botox. Since it only addresses one aspect of the rejuvenation process. Botox gives best results when used together with other non-invasive treatments like the fillers.

Dermal Fillers
Fillers are used to address a loss of volume on the skin, formation of wrinkles, atrophy, depression, and dryness on the skin. There are various types of fillers and majority aim at reintroducing the collagen cells into the body. Some of the collagen-based fillers can be made from human products, pork or bovine materials.

These are not long lasting when compared to the hyaluronic acid fillers that are derived from bacteria. Their effects last approximately one year as opposed to the half year life for the collagen fillers. Some of the common dermal fillers on the market today are Juvederm and Restylane.

Laser resurfacing
Laser technology uses heated light energy to bring about the cosmetic changes expected in the face of a person. There are 2-main types of lasers used namely: the ablative and non-ablative lasers.

The ablative lasers cause some injury to the top layer of the skin in the course of anti-aging treatment while the non-ablative do not cause any harm to the top layer of the skin. As such they have lower downtime. Some of the commonly used lasers for face rejuvenation are the fractional lasers and the erbium lasers.

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Minimally invasive rejuvenation procedures are becoming more popular each day due to the user-friendliness capacity they possess. There is minimal amount of pain involved in these treatments, and the downtime is minimal when compared to the surgical methods of skin rejuvenation | Health & Fitness Articles