How to pump up the legs and buttocks

By | September 24, 2018

How to pump up the legs and buttocks – it is the main issue and the task number one for many people. But the answer to this question lies in the question itself! To “pump-up” is the key word. Just this simple and hard way at the same time is the only true and effective. You can go to the gym. An experienced instructor will evaluate your health condition, listen to your needs and make you a program by which you will get the desired shape. You will decide your problem by his or her control. And yet, is it possible to pump up the hips and buttocks at home?

Yes, you can pump up the legs, hips and buttocks at home without exercise equipment. Perseverance in achieving this goal will certainly result. Three types of exercise are particularly effective for the buttocks and thighs: lunges, squats and lifting the pelvis from the supine position. Include them in your exercise program and the result will come soon!

Let’s start with squats. Stand up straight keeping feet shoulder width apart. Do sit-ups, placing the pelvis backwards (as if sitting on a chair), and the body slightly leaning forward. At the lowest point, the hips should be level. Pull the arms forward. The back is straight. Stand up straight without losing tension in the hips. Perform 2-3 sets of 10-15 times.

Lunges are also very effective for pumping-up the buttocks and thighs. We begin the exercise from the next position. Stand up straight, your right leg is pulled back. Begin to squat on the left leg and right leg slips back at the same time. Transfer the hands and the center of gravity of the left knee. Right knee should almost touch the floor. Return your right leg to the starting position slowly, with the effort. We do the same with the other leg. Carry out lunges by 10 times on each foot. What about oatmeal… Is it good for weight loss. Read more…

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The third exercise is the lifting the pelvis in the lying position will relieve the spine during exercises. Therefore, you will perform it with gusto. Lie on the floor. Nestle back on the floor; bend your legs at the knees. Squeeze your gluteal muscles and do not relax them at all times while performing this exercise. Lift your pelvis up until the line of the hips and pelvis does not form a single line. Without moving your buttocks, return to starting position. This exercise can be done 30-50 times.

How often do the exercises on the thighs and buttocks? The recommended mode is 2-3 times a week. Although, if you are beginner to exercise workout, it’s better to do exercises every day for first two weeks starting from the middle of the norm. So the body quickly gets used to the new regime and by the end of the second week you will perform the whole norm.

We wish you to get round buttocks and slender legs by the summer season!

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