How Do You Avoid Added Sugar In Foods?

By | January 19, 2019


How do you avoid getting excess sugar in your diet? Most of us know that sugar is a risk factor for many diseases and some of us are aware that we need to be mindful  of the risk and avoid extra sugar whenever possible. How do we do this. Here is an example of why this is not an easy question to answer.

A recent article in a Canadian medical journal reported the results of examining 40,000 products found in major Canadian grocery stores. They found that two-thirds of all the packaged foods and beverages contained sugar in one form or another. This included snacks, candies, bakery goods, breakfast cereals, soft drinks, baby foods, condiments, sauces and spreads.

Our response to this is wow! Eating can be like gambling in a game when the dices are loaded against you. As far as we are concerned your only recourse is to be acutely aware and avoid as many as these foods as possible. Also read the labels carefully.

Your life matters.


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