Giving Up Smoking To Ease Depression Posted By : Tauqeer Hassan

By | September 6, 2018

Every year hundreds of thousands of the people around the world die from smoking, as there is a renowned phrase ‘Smoking Kills.’ In United States of America, smoking cigarette is the most vital preventative cause of the premature deaths. Smoking cigarette has a higher risk of developing chronic diseases and it is estimated that around 440,000 of the more than 2.4 million deaths are caused by smoking cigarette.

Studies have shown that a cigarette is not just contains nicotine, but it contains round about 4000 chemicals in it, out of which hundreds are toxic. Smoking cigarette gradually affects the internal functioning of the body and eventually ends up influencing the immune system. Smoking is basically a psychological addiction that has no benefits instead the tobacco contains chemicals usually named as carcinogens that are responsible for cancerous growths. People smoke to calm their nerves, ignoring the fact that nicotine and other toxic chemicals, gradually weakens their bodies. Most people say that they cannot live without smoking.

It is not easy to quit or give up smoking easily. For this you have to be fully committed to your plan and have to stick to it in any case. You can try this on your own if you think you have a strong will power to quit smoking or you can take help from association Action for Smoking and Health (ASH) or other available treatments, scientific or herbal it may be.

– If you want to quit smoking, the best rule is to quit it rather than cutting down its consumption. Reducing the consumption is not that effective as it creeps back up rather quickly.

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– To quit smoking, you have to quit drinking as well for these both go hands in hands. Try to quit consumption of both for few weeks to establish a habit of living without them.

– Avoid sitting in the habit of friends who smoke for sometime. Watching them smoking will stir up your feeling to smoke.

– Before working on a plan to quit, you have to be well prepared for this. No smoking means never think of it again. Your heartily effort can only help you to quit smoking.

– If you have decided to quit smoking, it is better to make your home no smoking zone, restrict your friends not to smoke in front of you etc.

– Taking aid from nicotine patches and gum can be acceptable but in limited form. Make yourself clear that you are a non smoker and you are using nicotine patches just for the sake of medication.

– Always keep the hazardous effects of smoking in your mind; this will somehow encourage you to quit smoking.

– If you think you are sincere enough to quit smoking, the best available option is hypnosis. It has a high success rate among the treatment of smokers.


Once you have quit the smoking, never think of consuming a cigarette or two again. Try to find other ways to cope with your stress or depression phases. Smoking a single cigarette will put you back on the place from where you had started. Health And Fitness | Quit Smoking