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By | October 12, 2018

Cholesterol is one of the most important substances in your body. The walls of cells are manufactured out of cholesterol. The cells are designed so that they can convert protein, amino acids, fat, fatty acids, carbohydrates and sugars — all forms of food — into cholesterol.

I have already covered this subject, from a different viewpoint, earlier.

For instance, the manufacture of muscle requires proteins in the blood stream. Cells can make cholesterol out of proteins.
Carbohydrates and fats each have specific functions in the body, but, again, the cell can use either of them to manufacture cholesterol.

Cholesterol is so important to the health of a cell that the cell can produce cholesterol out of just about anything that comes along.

Why is cholesterol so important? Well, it is just the entire membrane of the cell — the wall which keeps the fluids inside the cell remaining inside, and keeps the outside fluids outside.

Yes, it is cholesterol which is the primary component of the walls of the cells.

When the cell is under attack of any kind, its primary defense mechanism is to thicken the walls of the cell. In order to do that it needs more cholesterol.

When the water pressure outside the cells is reduced (because of a shortage of water) there is an increased tendency for water to leak out of the cells into the outside area. The cell considers this a threat to its health and increases the thickness of the cell walls, with cholesterol, to keep the inside fluids from leaking out.

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So, a very natural thing for the body to do when there is a shortage of water is to manufacture more cholesterol in the cells. Some of that newly-created cholesterol can certainly escape from the cell into the blood stream. THERE is where it becomes HIGH CHOLESTEROL. The fact that there is increased cholesterol in the thickening of the cell walls is not part of high cholesterol, but the increased and deliberate production of cholesterol by the cells certainly puts some excess cholesterol into the blood stream where the eager cardiologist can claim that you need to take a drug to lower your cholesterol.

The water needs of the body will be increased by these cholesterol-lowering drugs. But, if you are still not taking more water, what is the poor cell to do but manufacture more cholesterol, thicken the cell walls and try to protect the cell from losing too much water! Maybe the drug will suppress the escape of this cholesterol into the blood stream, but just remember that the production of increased cholesterol, in the first place, is just the body’s simple way of telling you that it needs more water.
So, is it believable to you that drinking more water might lower your cholesterol?

Well, that’s the truth!

If the cardiologist fails with his drug, as he must eventually do, the surgeon is ready with the knife! Bypass surgery is already proven to be a gigantic fraud, but many thousands of people get it every year.

Do you think that either the cardiologist or the heart surgeon would endorse the concept in this Section? Do you think these medical doctors would admit that all, or almost all, of the problems they earn money for “curing” could be cured, in fact, with more water intake?

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Who is going to benefit from the data that you need more water in your body? Certainly not any doctor, and certainly not any drug company.

Who do you think guides the standards of medical education and medical care in America today?

I May Not Know How To Cure You, But I Can Sure Make You Comfortable.

This is an exert from Karl’s book “Life Flow One – The Solution For Heart Disease” by Karl Loren. Health And Fitness | Cholesterol