Can high cholesterol make you dizzy

By | June 5, 2020

can high cholesterol make you dizzy

This is what happens when a stroke, which is a medical emergency, occurs. Treatment includes: astralagus, flaxseed, hawthorn, omega-3 fatty acids, and garlic. High cholesterol is very easy to diagnose with a blood test called a lipid panel. The narrowing and hardening of the blood vessel not only causes a rise in blood pressure hypertension but also increases the risk of a heart attack or stroke if a fatty plaque breaks off and completely obstructs blood flow. It’s also important to point out that diabetes can cause dizziness symptoms, meaning that it could be the reason you regularly feel dizzy. Eating too many foods that contain high amounts of fat increases the level of LDL cholesterol in your blood. Health Topics.

What are the symptoms of high cholesterol? High cholesterol means that the level of bad fats in your blood is too high. This blocks the blood flow to the arms, kidneys, legs, stomach, and feet. The heart, lower dizzy, and brain are the areas we typically examine to look for such disease. When can levels are high, fatty deposits can begin to form on inflamed high. To reduce cholesterol risk of when to snack with diabetes COVID infections, it make best to call your doctor you leaving the house if you are experiencing a high fever, shortness of breath or another, more serious symptom.

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It will take a combination of proper diet, exercise and medications for some to lower their cholesterol and in doing so lower their cardiovascular risk. High cholesterol is a major cause behind a lot of diseases. By using Verywell Health, you accept our. This plaque formation changes the makeup of the arterial lining and this leads to serious complications. If you found out your cholesterol was high after a routine checkup, discuss your test results with your healthcare provider. A stroke may occur for similar reasons: If a blood clot blocks the flow of blood to part of the brain, the result may be a stroke. Plaque narrows arteries so lesser amount of blood can pass by. Before making any decisions about your health or changes to medication, diet and exercise routines you should determine whether the information is appropriate in terms of your particular circumstances and seek advice from a medical professional.

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