An Online Psychologist Is Safe to Talk to About Your Problems

By | February 23, 2020

An online psychologist cares about you

A therapist or psychologist cares about their clients. An online psychologist is empathetic and wants their patients to have stable mental health. An integral part of online therapy is helping your client to feel safe. One thing that an individual needs to feel safe is they sense that their information is confidential; that involves trusting your therapist. How can you develop a sense of trust with your online therapist?

The relationship between you, and your therapist matters

A therapist can say all they want that your information is confidential, but you need to believe them. It takes time to trust a mental health professional. You may have to have multiple sessions with this person to feel a sense of trust. Your safety is paramount when you’re talking to a therapist online. That’s why it’s essential for you to feel comfortable speaking to this person. You can start small by discussing your day-to-day life. They need to learn more about you so that you can feel a sense of confidence in talking to them about deeper problems. You don’t have to jump in headfirst and discuss serious issues. If you feel comfortable with them right away, it’s okay to jump in and address these problems, but don’t feel pressured to do so. You can work at your own pace and do what’s comfortable for you. It’s your treatment, and you can discuss whatever you want.

As time goes on you will feel safe

A gauge as to whether you have a good therapist is when you feel safe. As you open up more and more, you’ll notice that you’ll begin to feel safe in the sessions. After talking about who you are as a person, you would start to delve into you more complex emotional issues. Maybe you’ll talk about your trauma. Perhaps you will reveal secrets about your relationship. Whatever the case, the relationship between you and your therapist needs to be safe, confidential, and meaningful. If you’re not discussing deep issues in therapy after you’ve been going for some time, then it may be worth evaluating if treatment is working. Not every therapist is the same, and it’s essential to have a good relationship with your provider.

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How to know if you feel safe

Here are some ways to tell if you feel safe with your therapist:

  • You don’t second guess what you talk about in therapy – online counseling should be a place where you can speak freely about what’s happening in your life. That is a sign that you feel safe with your therapist. You should be able to express emotions that are not necessarily easy to talk about, but you feel like you can discuss with your therapist. If you feel safe enough, then you’ll reveal intimate personal details to your therapist. If you don’t feel like you can talk freely in therapy, you may not feel safe.
  • You trust their opinions – One of the most significant parts of therapy is getting feedback from your therapist. If you trust your therapist and their views on matters, it’s important to note that. It’s a sign that you feel safe with them. You want to be able to receive that feedback so that you can develop the coping skills you need. You don’t value your therapist’s opinion then you need to question whether the relationship is working for you. You may not feel a sense of trust.
  • You are okay vulnerable – therapy is an excellent place to express your feelings. If you’re able to be vulnerable in front of your therapist, that’s a sign that you feel safe. The vulnerability can help you in the process of healing. A skilled therapist can help you feel that sense of trust and vulnerability.
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Online therapy works when there’s safety

Whether you’re seeing an online therapist or psychologist, you should feel a sense of safety when you feel like you can trust your therapist that makes a difference in the treatment. Your therapist is the key to helping you achieve a sense of stable mental health. If you’re in online treatment and you feel like you can confide in your therapist, then you’ve got a good match. Keep going and focusing on your treatment can help you live a fulfilling life.

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