Actress Jandae Percem Talks About Her Favourite Meals, Post Pregnancy Workout Routine & Lots More!

By | December 28, 2018
Jandae Percem
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Turkish-American actress, director, producer, model, and mom Jandae Percem, who is based in New York, is the founder of the film production company Oceans Filmworks.

Jandae first gained recognition playing the teenager, Ashly, one of the lead roles in the movie, “Blue Lake” (circa 2013). In 2014, she played roles in two Turkish TV series, “Hersey Yolunda Merkez” and “Ask Kac Beden Giyer.” We’ve also seen Jandae in the Netflix’s series “Orange Is The New Black” and “Person Of Interest.”

She directed and produced her first film in horror Entity Project in 2018, and she is in the process of producing, directing, and acting in her second feature film.Let’s take a look at what the stunning actress has to say.

Namita Nayyar:

1. How did acting happen to you?

Jandae Percem:

I always wanted to pursue acting. When I was in elementary school I enjoyed performing in the end of year plays. When I was in college, studying IT, I found myself in search of who I was and what I really wanted in life. I knew becoming an actress would be a dream come true and with the snap of a finger I decided to goto New York City to pursue my dream.  I went to Stella Adler in NYC and then moved to Istanbul to continue my acting career.

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