The Abundance Shift

By | January 12, 2019

When you allow yourself to be hit by the barrage of self-limiting beliefs—it keeps you in a negative state. This negative state prevents you from receiving all that the universe has for you. The abundance that I am referring to is only a piece of the abundance that is available.

On Friday, I decided that I would pull abundance cards for others because I wanted to tap into gratitude. When you align yourself with gratitude and things that make you joyful, you are raising your frequency. All of us operate with energy. The energy you have introduces you before you even speak. To raise your vibration you have to be of the mindset of positivity, gratitude, assurance. When you choose to be happy, do something nice for others, the universe has a way of paying it forward to you.

After pulling cards, I went out shopping. I needed groceries but more importantly coffee. My favorite is Starbucks. I made my way through the line after picking out; Thanksgiving blend. This blend is one of my favorites and tends to be really popular around this time of year. I made my way up to the counter. Long story short, my blend was on sale. The barista at the counter decided after a computer glitch, that she would just use her partner mark out. This meant that I got a pound of Starbucks coffee for FREE!

I was ecstatic seeing as though I don’t consider myself “lucky”. I thanked the lady at the counter and then I left. That being said, a kind word, spreading positivity and abundance creates more opportunities for it in your life. When you live in a state of gratitude, the path of life unveils more blessings than you could imagine.

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