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Out of touch: Coronavirus crisis is the wake-up call wellness gurus need

The digital wellness industry is booming. As the coronavirus spreads, many of us around the country are doing Joe Wicks’s PE classes with the kids, bowing our heads in “namaste” with YouTube star and yoga teacher Adriene Mishler, or practising mindfulness with apps such as Headspace and Calm. Yet the pandemic is proving to be… Read More »


These new findings in neuroscience conclude that your thoughts can change the structure of the brain. “It all begins and ends with the mindset” Most men and women want to generate some sort of change in their lives to help others or to help themselves. They would like to attain the goal. The goal is… Read More »

Wellness: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

How to Choose the Right Christian Rehab Center One thing that an individual should do before getting into any rebuilding office is to investigate on the treatment being given. This means that they should check if the facility is offering programs that include the latest and advanced research studies. We know that there are a… Read More »