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What is viral induced asthma

Inhaled steroids for episodic viral wheeze of childhood. As I mentioned in my OP, I’m always, always on Singulair and have always been on an inhaled daily steroid med what is viral induced asthma the last 3 years with Symbicort being the most recent one we’re trying. Oxygen may be needed to support your child’s… Read More »

Doctors on TikTok Try to Go Viral

For decades, sex education in the classroom could be pretty cringey. For some adolescents, it meant a pitch for abstinence; others watched their teachers put condoms on bananas and attempt sketches of fallopian tubes that looked more like modern art. On TikTok, sex ed is being flipped on its head. Teenagers who load the app… Read More »

Viral Sovereignty

—Abstract In the mid-2000s, Indonesia became ‘ground zero’ for an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza, the H5N1 strain, which global health experts feared would cause a devastating pandemic. When asked to participate in global health measures, Indonesia’s minister of health argued that the country had ‘viral sovereignty’ and refused to share samples with the… Read More »

How good is your eyesight? This viral photo could show if you have astigmatism

Twitter users were baffled by a comparison of two night time pictures with many realising they had the condition astigmatism for the first time. In recent years there has been an influx of viral photos blowing everyone’s mind, showing how differently we see some common objects. The most famous of course being ‘the dress’ that… Read More »