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Medical News Today: Heart health: Are women getting incorrect treatment?

Recent research suggests that ignoring sex-specific risk factors of heart disease has resulted in women having a higher risk of dying from heart failure than men. Share on PinterestDifferences between men and women may mean that the latter do not receive the right treatment for heart conditions. A review published in Nature Medicine reveals an… Read More »

Can use acid reflux treatment

H2 receptor blockers — or making symptoms worse. It’s best to take these with food or soon after eating — a strict GERD diet and a healthy lifestyle can help in controlling the acid reflux symptoms in children. Radiofrequency energy delivery to the lower esophageal sphincter reduces esophageal acid exposure and improves GERD symptoms: a… Read More »

Drug Addiction Treatment

— Please Note: This article is presented for informational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or treat any illness. If you have any health concern, see a licensed healthcare professional in person. Addiction to drugs is a chronic and deadly disease which induces uncontrollable drug seeking and use, despite knowing the harmful consequences,… Read More »

Where can hair loss treatment

Setup Your Free Online Consultation Today! Protein is important to strengthen hair and promote growth. Use of Platelet-rich Plasma in Endodontic Procedures in Adults: Regeneration or Repair? Among others, the B group of vitamins are the most important for healthy hair, especially biotin. Get doctor attention, diagnoses, and discreet treatment delivery, all where can hair… Read More »