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Chronic Wasting Disease In Tennessee, That Makes 24 States Potentially With 'Zombie' Deer

What will happen to CWD and the deer population in 2019? (Photo: Getty Images)Getty This has been a tough time for deer, and it has nothing to do with hauling a jolly big guy and presents on a sleigh. Back in January, I wrote for Forbes about how chronic wasting disease (CWD), otherwise known non-affectionately… Read More »

All 50 US states to screen newborns for 'bubble boy disease'

All 50 US states to screen newborns for ‘bubble boy disease’ after grieving mother’s DECADES-long fight that touched hearts nationwide On Tuesday, Louisiana became the 50th state in the US to add the SCID test to its standard panel for newborns  SCID is a rare but life-threatening genetic disorder that leaves children effectively without immune… Read More »