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Does taking multivitamins help

Most Americans are quite stressed and need plenty of B vitamins to help support their adrenals and their brain, the first person to formulate vitamins in the US was Dr. There is little science to back up claims that multivitamins improve health outcomes for individuals who already follow a fairly healthy dietary pattern, is Garcinia… Read More »

Does ambien help with anxiety

Tannish peach color, elliptical, marked 10 MG and 5 dots in a small box? My doctors don’t understand why it works but it does. The more the anxious person puts off what they need to do, the more likely they are to experience intrusive thoughts about it. Does ambien help with anxiety some cases, doctors will… Read More »

Migraine vs. headache: How to tell the difference and when to seek help – Fox News

For some, it’s a sudden onset of nausea and extreme light sensitivity that’s sometimes accompanied by an aura or vision changes that are then replaced by severe pain. Others may feel a sharp shooting sensation that travels down the neck. But for the nearly 40 million migraine sufferers in the U.S., the severe, recurrent pain… Read More »